Kids Yonex Power Cushion 35 J

£19.00 £35.00

Kids Yonex Power Cushion 35 J

Kids Yonex Power Cushion 35 J

£35.00 £19.00


Product Details

Badminton shoes for children
The Yonex Power Cushion 35 JR badminton shoe is a combination of comfort, reliability and performance. During your play, the power cushion absorbs the shock and converts it into a movement. The material provides extra resilience and ensures a 10% less muscle strain while playing. These badminton shoes are the junior version of the well-known Power Cushion 35. The badminton shoes therefore have a special fit for childrens feet.

Stability and flexibility during play
The inner side of the sole is rounded off to keep the inner movement of the foot in contact with the floor as long as possible. The outer surface of the sole is slightly longer, so you have extra support. The soles are ultra lightweight and the hexagon pattern gives you stability and flexibility when playing. This pattern means that the tread consists of hexagonal edges designed to move in all directions and maintain grip.

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